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By having superior banking relationships and access to mainstream FX liquidity providers, Wirepayer can significantly reduce fees and foreign exchange costs.

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Wirepayer Terminal embraces innovative FinTech research and development, meaning you can take your concept to reality and participate in building the foundations of the next century of financial technology. 

The Future of FinTech

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Wirepayer Group is taking the decentralisation of global finance and offering services through the power of modern technology to benefit consumers, gone are the days of inefficient banks holding the monopolies over everything currency based. Greater collaboration with tech developers have already lead to things like Open Banking, a revolutionary move designed to better share resources in a fast changing world.

FinTechs of the past used to be single issue entities, usually dedicated to a small number of specialities and a limited number of capabilities overall, but their USP was better customer service and user experiences. However the rate of growth in companies like Wirepayer have seen economies of scale increase almost exponentially, a wider range of specialist services that would have only been dreamed of ten years ago and as real challengers in the global banking system.

Wirepayer has adaptive technology and services, and with our permissions (see Our Permissions page) granted by the FCA we are well positioned to take FinTech into the future. 

Embracing 22nd Century Banking


We're authorised by the FCA because we fully comply with their stringent client protection requirements. Registration no. 900413


Your funds are held in segregated client accounts, so your money is safeguarded – always kept separate from the company’s own funds.