Frequently asked questions

Is my money safe with Wirepayer?

Yes, Wirepayer takes a holistic approach to security, applying the best practice and technologies to every aspect of our systems, products, installations, networks and people. In addition, all client funds are secure and are separated from company funds and held in segregated client accounts. In the very unlikely event, Wirepayer or our partners should go into liquidation, you can be assured that your funds will be safely returned to you.

Can non resident UK individuals and corporates open a facility?

If you are residing outside of the UK and would like to open an account with us, please call our dealing desk directly on 0207 014 3377 between Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm (UK time) and we will do our best to assist you further.

Which currencies do you support?

Currently, Wirepayer offers; (GBP) Great British Pounds (EUR) Euro (USD) US Dollars (AED) UAE Dirham (AUD) Australian Dollar (BBD) Barbadian Dollar (BGN) Bulgarian Lev (BHD) Bahraini Dinar (BSD) Bahamian Dollar (BWP) Botswana Pula (CAD) Canadian Dollar (CHF) Swiss Franc (CNY) Chinese Yuan (CZK) Czech Koruna (DKK) Danish Krone (FJD) Fijian Dollar (GHS) Ghanaian Cedi (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar (HRK) Croatian Kuna (HUF) Hungarian Forint (ILS) Israeli New Shekel (INR) Indian Rupee (JMD) Jamaican Dollar (JOD) Jordanian Dinar (JPY) Japanese Yen (KES) Kenyan Shilling (KWD) Kuwait Dinar (KYD) Cayman Islands Dollar (LKR) Sri Lankan Rupee (LSL) Lesotho Loti (MUR) Mauritian Rupee (MWK) Malawian Kwacha (MXN) Mexican Nuevo Pesos (NGN) Nigerian Naira (NOK) Norwegian Krone (NZD) New Zealand Dollar (OMR) Oman Rial (PHP) Philippine Peso (PKR) Pakistani Rupee (PLN) Polish Zloty (QAR) Qatari Rial (RON) Romanian Leu (RSD) Serbian Dinar (RUB) Russian Ruble (SAR) Saudi Riyal (SEK) Swedish Krona (SGD) Singapore Dollar (THB) Thai Baht (TND) Tunisian Dinar (TRY) Turkish Lira (TTD) Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (UGX) Ugandan Shilling (XCD) East Carribean Dollar (ZAR) South African Rand (ZMW) Zambian Kwacha

Can payments be sent or received from other Forex & Cryptocurrency Providers?

Wirepayer cannot accept funds from, or send payments to any other Forex & Cryptocurrency Providers.

Which countries can we not accept funds from?

United States of America (USA) (Different rules apply) Abkhazia Afghanistan Anguilla Armenia Aruba Balkans Belarus Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Burma Burundi Cambodia Comoros Cuba DRO Congo Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Holy See Vatican City State Honduras Iran Iraq Ivory Coast Kiribati Korea, Rebublic Of Laos, People's Democratic Republic Lebanon Libya Macao Mali Marshall Islands Martinique Micronesia, Federated States Of Myanmar Nauru Nigeria Niue North Korea North Sudan Pakistan Palestine, State Of Paraguay Russia Sao Tome And Principe Sierra Leone Somalia Syria Tanzania Tunisia Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United States of America (USA) Vanuatu Venezuela Virgin Islands, British Yemen Zimbabwe