Wirepayer is a leading challenger FinTech, with soaring growth and firm establishment

Future. Enabled.

Wirepayer is a global platform for cross-border payments, consumer foreign exchange solutions and B2B payment technology solutions. Through a combination of modern technology, deep regulatory know-how, global distribution capabilities and a relentless focus on innovation, we make payments simple, seamless and secure.

Built on years of trust, the Wirepayer platform serves thousands of businesses and consumers, supporting over 90 currencies and processing payments to over 160 countries.

corporate governance

Wirepayer follows the 2018 guide to Corporate Governance by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) to ensure the integrity of the group is maintained. This statement sets out our position and how we have implemented the guidance.


We will update our policies when required to maintain compliance with the FRC guidance.

Wirepayer is in alignment with the FRC guidance in its long term plan, growth and enlargement, with an ethical approach along with transparency with relevant stakeholders. The values promoted by the company match with the aims of socially responsible operations, internally and externally.

Board of Directors

Wirepayer’s board oversees the management of the group’s operations. These key responsibilities include the oversight of:

  • Strategy and long term growth planning, implementation and management.

  • Financial prudence and due diligence ensuring all operations are necessary and legal in line with the objectives of the business.

  • Risk management remaining stable and structurally sound.


Day to day management of the operations is coordinated by delegated persons authorised to ensure outstanding matters are reported to the board appropriately. These key matters include:

  • Large capital expenditure.

  • Key corporate transactions and operations.

  • Significant deals.


Regular updating and observance of company operations is carried out to ensure the board is fully aware of all activities and is able to govern effectively.


Wirepayer’s board oversee the audit and remuneration responsibilities and where appropriate delegate certain responsibilities as clarified below.

Audit Management


The integrity of Wirepayer Group is paramount to the continued success of the business. As such the group’s financial records, statements and audit results of internal controls and risk management are made available. An external auditor regularly inspects the business, and constant dialogue is maintained by the board, delegated persons and where required, the auditors, to ensure continued high standards are maintained and adhered to.


Remuneration Management

Those delegated and authorised to manage ongoing remuneration matters assist with the board as to the structure of the remuneration framework for the Board and senior executives. Where applicable, bonuses, incentive payments, share issuance and any other remuneration are included as part of this framework. Non-executive directors are overseen by the board along with their remuneration. Director’s own remuneration is a regularly managed assessment.


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